Youth of the Year



The Boys & Girls Club of Orchard Park is proud to introduce Jared Omerhodzic as our 2014 Youth of The Year.

A current 10th grader at Orchard Park High School, Jared has been a member of our Club since 3rd grade when he started in our summer camp program. Jared was always a staff favorite with a positive and fun-loving attitude.

Even after Jared was old enough to stay home without his parents being there, he chose to come to the Boys & Girls Club through his summer vacation. As Jared aged into our Junior Counselor program, it became clear to us at the Club that Jared was passionate about being a leader here, and that making sure the campers had fun was a big priority for him. It was very exciting for all of us when Jared was finally of age to join the ranks of our staff, and he has proven himself a dedicated and invested staff member.

Jared has always been an Orchard Park school district kid, and he maintains good grades despite working for us. He is committed to doing well with juggling school, work, extra curricular activities and helping out anywhere he is needed. Jared’s parents Shari and Hal are very proud of the job he is doing, and so are we!

The Youth of the Year Program owes its rich history to dedicated staff and volunteers who mentor Club youth and help them reach their full potential.Since 1947, the National Youth of the Year program has served as the primary vehicle for showcasing the exemplary achievements of Club youth.

Since its inception, the Youth of the Year Program has afforded hundreds of outstanding Club members an opportunity to meet American Presidents such as Harry S. Truman, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Jimmy Carter, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush and William J. Clinton.In addition, each year’s five regional finalists are honored at a Congressional Breakfast in Washington, D.C.

Previous National Youth of the Year winners appear before Congressional committees to speak on teen issues, participate in Presidential Town Hall meetings, work as Congressional Pages, appear on television and news programs, and serve as ambassadors to other youth organizations.In addition to these prestigious duties, current and past National Youth of the Year winners continue to play active roles in their local Boys & Girls Clubs and communities.

Through the Youth of the Year Program, Club youth showcase their talents and achievements, share their hopes and dreams and work toward a bright and positive future.